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the Carpe diem team

Welcome to the Leadership of Carpe Diem Technology Solutions, where our visionary team drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and leads by example. At the helm of our organization is a group of dynamic leaders committed to steering the company towards excellence. Our leadership philosophy is rooted in the principles of transparency, empowerment, and inclusivity.

Meet the individuals who embody the spirit of Carpe Diem, seizing each opportunity to make a positive impact on the technology landscape. From strategic decision-making to cultivating a culture of continuous learning, our leadership team is dedicated to navigating the ever-evolving industry with resilience and foresight.

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Cuong Dang

With over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Cuong is a seasoned professional dedicated to supporting Service Providers. His journey has seen him excel in leadership positions across Sales, Product Management, and Engineering, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted landscape of Service Providers.

Cuong’s expertise lies in successfully navigating the intricate business environments inherent to the telecommunications sector. His strategic vision and adaptability have been key drivers in overcoming challenges and driving success in various aspects of the industry.

As a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, Cuong is the founder of Carpe Diem Technology Solutions. This dynamic company, a certified diverse supplier, is fervently focused on delivering cutting-edge products and services. Carpe Diem Technology Solutions specializes in enhancing and accelerating broadband deployments, reflecting Cuong’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving demands of the telecommunications landscape.

Cuong’s leadership is grounded in a customer-first philosophy and a commitment to excellence. He fosters an enhanced work environment for employees, ensuring a harmonious blend of innovation and customer-centric values.


Rob Tast

Rob is a seasoned technical leader renowned for his remarkable ability to adapt seamlessly to changes within dynamic engineering and operational environments. With over two decades of experience, he has excelled in planning, engineering, implementing, and operating intricate software and hardware architecture solutions, placing a strong emphasis on system stability, reliability, and high availability.

Throughout his career, Rob has forged a successful track record, demonstrating his prowess in managing large capital projects from end to end. This includes making critical technical decisions, leading budget and resource evaluations, and consistently meeting or surpassing deadlines even in high-pressure environments. His exceptional skills as a liaison shine in cross-platform and multi-level crisis management situations.

Rob stands out as a thought leader, advocating for engineering best practices in infrastructure design, implementation, and monitoring systems. Known for being the go-to person who can figure out a way to get things done, Rob’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset in any project.


Michael Yurukov

Michael is a hands-on technical luminary in the realms of Networking and Infrastructure Engineering, boasting over two decades of expertise in the Telecommunications and Media industries. With a comprehensive skill set, he excels in all phases of integration, design, and planning of expansive Service Provider networks, systems, and infrastructure.

As an application-aware network and infrastructure expert, Michael plays a pivotal role in bridging the technical silos often found between business units within organizations. His ability to seamlessly integrate technology aligns with his focus on creating synergies that enhance operational efficiency and overall business performance.

Michael’s dedication to security is unwavering, emphasizing customer uptime and experience as paramount. His forward-thinking approach ensures that the networks and infrastructure he oversees not only meet but exceed the highest standards of reliability and security.

With a proven track record of success, Michael stands as a driving force in navigating the complexities of modern networking landscapes, making significant contributions to the evolution and enhancement of telecommunications and media industries.


Chris Alfano

Chris is a process-driven and results-oriented certified Project Management Professional, bringing over 20 years of expertise in Project Management, Quality Assurance, Team Leadership, and Project Collaboration. With a proven track record, he has successfully implemented technology and business solutions across a diverse range of industries.

Chris’s approach is marked by a keen focus on problem-solving, leveraging his strong analytical, organizational, and communication skills to deliver results. As a certified Project Management Professional, he consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence, ensuring that projects are not only completed but exceed expectations.

His strengths extend to exceptional communication, both oral and written, and remarkable interpersonal skills. Chris effortlessly interfaces with staff at all levels, navigating seamlessly across multiple business and technical skill sets. His ability to lead with clarity and collaborate effectively underscores his dedication to achieving project success and fostering positive working relationships.

Chris’s commitment to delivering quality outcomes and his adeptness at leading teams make him a valuable asset in achieving organizational goals and exceeding project expectations.


Tom Zima

Tom brings over 25 years in IT supporting many industries vertical with the past decade focused on MSO’s. His experience spans engineering, sales, and leadership, always with a customer-centric focus. Known for his problem-solving, entrepreneurial, and strategic mindset, Tom has consistently delivered successful outcomes to his customers. Now at Carpe Diem Technology Solutions, he’s thrilled to contribute to a company dedicated to elevating its customer’s initiatives and prioritizing customer victories.

VP of Sales

Matt Weaver

Matt brings over 25 years of well-rounded technology industry expertise to his role leading the sales organization. He has a proven track record of building trusted partnerships, designing solutions to complex business challenges, and driving transformative initiatives.

Prior to joining Carpe Diem, Matt gathered in-depth technical experience on the manufacturer side working for industry leaders and innovative disruptors. He served as a critical member of sales teams focusing on network infrastructure and data center solutions tailored to the needs of communications service providers.

Matt started his IT career managing large-scale IT engineering and operations teams responsible for deploying and supporting technology at scale. This gave him invaluable perspective into the priorities and pain points facing the leaders and staff responsible for technology selection and deployment.

For the last decade, Matt has operated on the MSO/Telco side, leveraging his multifaceted background to drive value for clients managing technology change. As Carpe Diem’s VP Sales, he combines a rare mix of technical knowledge, hands-on operations expertise and consultative solutioning focused squarely on enabling telecommunications and cable enterprises to meet their business goals leveraging transformative technologies.

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